Off to Sunny Cove, 8/16

A quick update for 8/15. I had inadvertently hit “publish” at the start of the 8/15 post. As a result, those of you that get the Paddle Posts in your email will have to go to the web to see the entire post. Sorry about that. 

OK, on to this day. Contrary to the name of our destination on Fox Island, the day was really socked in and rained on and off all day. No worries as it was still a great paddle. We got up and had another great hot breakfast and we’re on the water around 1000. Angela was already out and I was just launching when a humpback whale surfaced about 50′ in front of me. What a beautiful site and so close. I got so excited I almost fell out of the kayak πŸ˜›. Sorry I was not quick enough to get the camera out for pics. Here are some other shots for the day. 

Bear Glacier is in the clouds in the picture above. The next shot is when we started to cross Resurrection Bay. 

We got to Sunny Cove and set up the tents and then went back out to paddle around the south end of Fox Island. 

And the last camp kitchen. With all the rain, we were looking for a good spot to set up the tarp. No need as we set the kitchen at the entrance to a small cave on the beach. It was just far enough under the cliff above to be out of the rain. Pretty nice. 

That’s a wrap for this day. 

Happy Paddling 


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