A Glorious Day in Alaska, 8/14

We were planning another big day pushing 24 miles so we got an early start. We crossed Paguna Arm, rounded the point, crossed Sandy Bay and headed into Harris Bay for another good sized crossing. We had lots of sun and perfect paddling temperatures with some of the best scenery imaginable. 

Catching the morning sun behind the cliffs. 

After crossing Harris Bay we rounded the north end of Granite Island and headed south through Granite Passage. 

About 3/4 of the way through Granite Passage we found the best place available for a lunch stop. 

Cheese, crackers and salami- good stuff😃

And off again we go to round the point and head towards Aialik Bay. We’ll go just a little into the bay and then tuck into Verdant Cove for the night. 

Here’s Verdant Cove. Just like a beautiful mountain lake. 

A few notes about this camp site. This was the first official site we camped at. It was really nice and actually had a bear box. We were not worried about bears since I was able to pick a bowl full of wild red raspberries. Really good and a good sign that there were no bears around or the berries would have been gone. When I checked out the box I found a voluntary registration sheet on the inside of the door. It was neat that Freya was the last person to sign the log before Angela and me. We did have a wild critter encounter in the middle of the night. I woke up to Angela throwing stones at the porcupines that were messin around by my tent. Pretty funny. Also odd is the fact that we saw porcupines at each camp site for the remainder of the adventure. 

Getting near the end. Only a few days left. 

Happy Paddling 


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