Big Seas, Big Currents, Big Day, 8/10

With the weather breaking the night before it was time to get moving again. First up was rounding Gore Point. We got an early start and planned for a lot of miles. We ended up doing 27 miles total on this day. We headed out of Port Dick with the tide against us and into 10′ seas. It’s pretty neat being in the bottom of the swell and looking up at these big waves headed your way. Good thing they were all rollers and not breaking. If I had my Taran I would have been fast enough to ride these swells. After rounding the point we headed into more protected waters and Nuka Pass. Over the day we went from a strong wind and tides with 10 footers to flat calm and paddling in the rain. I don’t have any pics from Gore Point. We were paddling hard and about 100′ from the rocks that the seas were breaking on. I thought it best to just keep paddling 😃. Here are some pics for the day. 

See the color change in the water in the next picture. It was a very distinct line where the silt coming down from the glaciers was presented. 

And a little paddling in the rain. Even a little blue sky 😛. 

We landed for the night in a beautiful little cove across the channel from the north end of Nuka Island. Very well protected and great views again. Actually no matter where you look, the views in Alaska are phenomenal. 

And of course the kitchen was set up under a tarp. 

That’s it for this day. Alaska 1, Paddlers 1 😃

Happy Paddling 


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