Alaska 1, Paddlers 0 – Yeeha, 8/7

A funny update from yesterday that I forgot to post. Lesson learned, don’t use Dr. Bronners soap in salt water. Here is what happened a day later. 

A new punk rocker in the works. 

Ok, back to this days post. We were off to a good start but had wind and current against us. The seas were running at five to six feet. The forecast was calling for some really strong winds the following two days so we were looking at our options closely. If you look at our tracks you’ll see what happened.  We got close to the tip of Gore point and found the wind and current too strong to make it around. We did a U-turn and headed to a predetermined spot on the west side of Gore Point with good protection from the east winds. 

That was a good move. Here are some pics. 

We got in and set up tents and the kitchen. 

We were able to walk thru the rain forest to the east side to check out the beach and weather. The forest was surreal. 
There would have been no camping on the east side for sure as you see in the pictures. 

The wind started picking up and the rain was going sideways. Time to batten down the hatches. 

Happy Paddling


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